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2009-03, March 2009 (Ririe)

2009-03, March 2009 (Ririe)


Volume 8 Number 6

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    The Family Hothouse: Edwards Greenhouses
    by Sheila Robertson

    The first geothermal greenhouse in America was founded in Boise by the grandfather of Garnette Edwards, who still runs the family business. This is their story.

    Ririe—Spotlight City
    by Bruce Bash

    An unsung hamlet on the Snake River Plain has a history of overcoming adversity that speaks powerfully to the spirit of pioneering.

    Where Are the Trees?: For Young Newlyweds from the East, “Idaho” Meant Nothing but Mountains
    by Nancy Sule Hammond

    In 1970, a young couple forsook the steel mills of Pennsylvania for the forests of Idaho. But their odyssey to the trees turned out to be more fraught with desert than they had imagined.


    Editorial: Telling Tales, by Steve Bunk

    House-Raising: “Greener” Than Grass; Surviving Murderous Times, a Refugee Family Moves from Grass Hut to Green Home, by Patricia A. Koleini

    Idaho Poet: No Other Way; Robert Wrigley on Great Poetry and the Reinvention of Language, by Donna Emert

    Who We Are: Drawn by Horses; A Princeton Family Maintains the Horse-Drawn Farming Tradition, by Sandra L. Kettle

    Military Life: Armor Man; When It Comes To Producing Generals, Pocatello Has a Flair, by Bill Ryan

    Totem Carvers: The House of Raven; A Secluded Cascade Club Carves Sentinels Over the Past, by Toinette Dickey

    One Spud Short: A Real Gem; How Best to Bond with Your Daughter? Well, You Could Try Westerns, or Sweepboats, by Ward Stevens

    How We Got Here: Walking to Idaho; When the Strange Family Migrated ftom Utah to Lund Valley, They Were on Foot and Shoeless, by Ward Stevens

    Recipe Contest: Italian Party Flank, by Aaron Messuri and Logan Millett; and Garlic Mashed Potatoes, by Derrek Forrey

    March Contributors

    Boise, Cascade, Idaho Falls, Lund, Moscow, Pocatello, Princeton, Ririe, Twin Falls