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2009-04, April 2009 (Bloomington)

2009-04, April 2009 (Bloomington)


Volume 8 Number 7

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    Ike Swim’s Lost Gold Mine: Does a Trail of Clues Lead to Where the Lode Lies?
    by Jim Ridenour

    A fabulous 1881 gold find in the White Clouds was lost when its discoverer drowned. Historical clues suggest where the lode lies.

    Bloomington—Spotlight City
    by Tammy Stephens

    The Bear Lake Valley was “a howling wilderness” to early settlers, and the winter is still no picnic, but in the warm months Bloomington lives up to its name.

    The Last Harvest: Being Raised on a Small Idaho Farm Could Be an Endangered Legacy
    by Lalove Foster

    Raised on a potato farm in Shelley, the author describes the endangered future of family farming, and rues the potential loss of a legacy.


    Editorial: On Autobiography, by Steve Bunk

    Who We Are: The Knifemakers; After Generations of Traveling America, The Buck Family Found an Idaho Haven, by Tom Ables

    River Run: The Big Sweep; Salmon River Trade Depended on Sweep Boats in the Old Days, by Ward Stevens

    This Sporting Life: For Love of the Game; Idaho Stampede Coach Bryan Gates’ Quest for Excellence Isn’t Over Yet, by Tracy Graven

    Mining Wars: Insurrection in Coeur d’Alene; From a Bloody Strike by Miners in 1892, Unions Arose Triumphant, by Jonathan Shipley

    Around the Bend: Home in the High Country; A Wilderness Childhood Changed Her Forever, by Kaitlin Ens

    Town Founder: The Duke of Weippe; He Wasn’t Really Royal, Except Maybe at Heart, by Michael Green

    Activist: Victory in the Doing; In Snake River Country, He Fights the Good Fight, by Breland Draper

    Recipe Contest: Portuguese Linguica Quiche, by Paula E. Faulkner; and Stella’s Icing, by Kitty Fleischman

    April Contributors

    Bloomington, Boise, Castleford, Clayton, Coeur d’Alene, Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area, Miracle Hot Springs, Post Falls, Salmon River, Shelley, Weippe