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2009-11, November 2009 (Oakley)

2009-11, November 2009 (Oakley)


Volume 9 Number 2

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    Built for Views: Can Bayview Be Beaten As an Idaho Town Setting?

    by Gregory Johnston

    Is Bayview on Lake Pend Oreille the best setting for an Idaho town? Have a look at this photo-feature and decide for yourself.

    Oakley—Spotlight City

    by Philip A. Homan

    Built by Mormons and bursting at the seams with historic buildings, this southern Idaho town offers a compelling blend of history, architecture, and art.

    Food Finds Me: Weary of Store-Bought Ingredients, a Chef Hunts And Gathers His Own Lunch

    by Randy King

    Weary of storebought ingredients, a chef prowls the woods near Silver City for something natural to eat.


    Awards: 2009 IDAHO magazine Cover Photo Contest Winners

    Hells Canyon Mail: Jet Boat to Yesterday; The Hells Canyon Mail Run Opens a Window to the Old West, By Dale Toweill

    Revelation: He Was My Father; In the Pages of an Old Book, a Woman Learns Her Parent’s Fate, By Lorie Palmer

    Equestrianism: Riding English; Manners, Style and Tiny Saddles Find Favor in Southeastern Idaho, By Cheryl Cox

    Around the Bend: Stampede!; Beyond Atlanta, Two Hikers Meet a Dilemma: No Way Out, By Daniel Claar

    This Hunting Life: Anything That Moves, By Jake Donahue

    Idaho Artist: The Carver Painter; In Twin Falls, Gary Stone Blends Two Art Techniques, By Bill Strange

    Back Then: Eating the Profits; In a Canning Bee, an Appetite Is More Liability Than Asset, By Bill Corbett

    Recipe Contest: Golden Delicious Apple Raisin Crisp, by Jalyn Boyer & Eric Florence; and Parmesan Chicken with Capers, by Carol Grasso

    November Contributors

    Atlanta, Bayview, Coeur d’Alene, Grace, Grangeville, Hells Canyon, Idaho Falls, Oakley, Silver City, Twin Falls