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2009-12, December 2009 (Lucile)

2009-12, December 2009 (Lucile)


Volume 9 Number 3

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    Restoring the Range: Reseeding Idaho, Ecologists Seek A Blend of Native and Non-Native

    by Pat Rohleder

    With advances in land management science over the decades, use of native and non-native seeds has become more sophisticated.

    Lucile—Spotlight City

    by Shelley Neal

    A fourth-generation rancher near this community on the Salmon River surveys a history of innovation and endurance.

    What About the Music: How America’s First Basque Music Archive Developed in Idaho from an Offhand Comment

    by Teddy Khteian-Keeton

    The moving force behind the creation of America’s first Basque music archive chronicles its extraordinary genesis in Idaho.


    Comment: How to Begin?, By Steve Bunk, Managing Editor

    Idaho Image: Lake Ice, By Gregory Johnston

    Cover Story: Throw Your Own; A Storefront Potter In Spirit Lake Avoids The Craft Show Crush, By Ralph Bartholdt

    Hemingway in Idaho: One Hundred Percent Papa; In Sun Valley during the 1940s, Hemingway and His Image Were Difficult to Disentangle, By James Plath

    Reminiscence: Man on the Move; In Dad’s Rambling Lifetime, American Falls Was Just One Stop, By Les Tanner

    Seasonal Stories:
    Waiting for Winter, By Karen Finnigan
    Prized Possessions, By Ward Stevens
    Making Toys, ByWallace J. Swenson
    Airport Interlude, By Wendy Kurdy

    Recipe Contest: Beef Tenderloin with Easy Cranberry Balsamic Sauce, Recipe courtesy of the Idaho Beef Council; Pierogies, by F. Ruth Thacker; and Uncle Mickey’s Northern Italian Beans and Pasta, by Greg Grasso

    December Contributors

    American Falls, Boise, Filer, Hauser Lake, Idaho Falls, Lucile, Salmon, Shelley, Spirit Lake, Sun Valley