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2010-01, January 2010 (Headquarters)

2010-01, January 2010 (Headquarters)


Volume 9 Number 4

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    The Alpine Way: What Made Sun Valley? Technique and Technology
    by Basil Service

    A Sun Valley ski instructor traces innovations in technology and technique that were central to the resort’s early success.

    Headquarters—Spotlight City
    by Annie Lampman

    When the author was growing up in this company logging town, times were good. Now little remains except the trees, and even they’re going.

    Land and the Animal: How Idaho’s Sportsmen Took the Lead Throughout a Century of Wildlife Conservation
    by Dale Toweill

    Over a century of hunting, diseases, and acts of nature, much Idaho big game has been close to extinction. Thanks largely to sportsmen, many species have made significant comebacks.


    Comment: Issue 100, By Kitty Fleischman, Publisher & Editor; Anything That Moves You

    Cover Feature: Extreme Action; Have Camera, Will Ski , By Patrick Orton

    A Better Microscope: In Boise, a Physicist Designs the Next Step in Nanoscience, By Heather Robson

    Around the Bend: Get Back or Die; Stranded while Snowmobiling, Her Survival Depended on Ingenuity, By Linda Helms

    Obedience Class: Dog Whisperer; Timing and Positive Reinforcement Are the Secrets of This Veteran Trainer, By Dianna Troyer

    Nature at Work: Arachnid Architect, By David Clark

    Cowboy Poetry: The Winter Hell Froze Over, By Wallace J. Swenson

    Renovation: They Built the Beardmore; The Rise and Fall and Poignant Rise of a Priest River Family’s Grand Edifice, By Cate Huisman

    Recipe Contest: Herb-Seasoned Rib Roast with Red Wine Pan Sauce, courtesy of the Idaho Beef Council; Chocó-Razz Cheesecake, by Natasha Williams and Crystal Smith; Jet’s Alaska & Beyond Lobster Martini Mashed Potatoes, by Mike Kincaid

    January Contributors

    Arco, Boise, Burley, Coeur d’Alene, Headquarters, Pomerelle Mountain Resort, Priest River, Sun Valley