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2010-03, March 2010 (Hayden Lake)

2010-03, March 2010 (Hayden Lake)


Volume 9 Number 6

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    Mine Hill Memories: Touring White Knob Mountain With Two of Its Last Denizens
    by Dianna Troyer

    Sisters who were raised during the Depression on copper-rich White Knob Mountain take the author on an evocative tour.

    Hayden Lake—Spotlight City
    by Michelle René Garcia

    This lakeside paradise, grown from a country club and surrounded by another town, has determinedly kept itself tiny.

    Castle Peak: A White Clouds Saga, Replete With “Hysterical Preservationists” And “Gouge-and-Run Bulldozer Boys”
    by Erica Jensen

    During a hike to the site in the White Cloud Mountains of a famous mining controversy, the author details the forty-year-old debate and its contemporary fallout.


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    Cover Feature: Bird Politics: Love, War, and Funerals Among Our Avian Neighbors , By Richard Earl Rice; and The Next Box, By Tom Davenport

    Ranchette Fever: Escape to the Farm; Ranchettes Are Springing up in Idaho, but It Takes Smarts to Run Them; By Pat McCoy Rohleder

    One Spud Short: Sudden Impact; By Wallace J. Swenson

    Around the Bend: Deeper Than Snow; Part II, By Ranee Haight

    Bush Piloting: German Lessons; By Mike Kincaid

    Stained Glass: Windows on History, By Florence K. Blanchard

    Recipe Contest: Beef Bites with Peanut-Bourbon Sauce, Courtesy of the Idaho Beef Council; Grilled Kobe-Style Ribeye with Mountain Huckleberry Barbecue Sauce and Rustic Japanese Sweet Potato Mash. By Cindy Haroian; Eggs Goldenrod Brunch, By Paula Faulkner

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    Caldwell, Farragut State Park, Hailey, Hayden, Hayden Lake, Idaho Falls, Mackay, Shelley, South Fork Boise River, White Clouds