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2010-11, November 2010 (Richfield)

2010-11, November 2010 (Richfield)


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    by Amber Grubb

    A photographer bent on documenting threatened Treasure Valley landmarks gets swept up in the stories and people behind the buildings.

    Richfield—Spotlight City
    by Kelly Kast

    The author’s earliest memories are set in this farming town, which her family left for Shoshone when she was a toddler, and to which she now returns in middle age to visit old friends and old haunts.

    The Day the Dam Broke
    by Michelle B. Coates

    In 1976, the author was a twelve-year-old resident of Hibbard. She recalls the terrifying day the Teton Dam broke, and its aftermath.


    Comment: On Memoir

    Burley: Lightning Fast; The Idaho Regatta’s Co-founder Is a Jet Boat Winner by Design, by Dianna Troyer

    Humphrey: The Lonely Grave; On a Cattle Drive, Two Young Cowboys Make A Find That Will Haunt Them for Years, by Darrell E. Walker

    Boise: Lost Art Found; An Idaho Bobbin Lacemaker Helps to Revive an Old Craft, by Pat McCoy Rohleder

    Priest Lake: Dare I Say Bear?; Fear Is Invisible, But It Has Claws, by Gabrielle Saurette

    Ross Fork: The Kid and the Gun; A Sheepherder in the 1930s Encounters Backcountry Trouble, By Dean Worbois

    Sandpoint: I Love to Fly; Eight Decades Later, Nanny’s Back in a Biplane, By Desiré Aguirre

    Idaho Book Review: Hanged, by Kathy Deinhardt Hill, Review by Katherine Lovan

    Recipe Contest: Spicy Beef n’ Shrimp, by Jeff Ransom and Doug Combs; Vegetable Salad with Sweet Mustard Dressing, by Cathy Koon

    Boise, Burley, Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Hibbard, Humphrey, Island Park, Pierce, Priest Lake, Richfield, Ross Fork, Sandpoint, Treasure Valley, Troy