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2011-04, April 2011 (Pierce)

2011-04, April 2011 (Pierce)


Volume 10 Number 7

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    When History Whispers
    by James Spencer

    For a veteran explorer of pioneer dramas, tracking down the site of a historic Owyhee County massacre proves to be an eerie experience.

    Pierce—Spotlight City
    by Robert Coker Johnson

    A former Forest Service employee recalls the old days and talks with contemporary denizens of this former goldrush town at the edge of the Clearwater National Forest.

    Old Highway 95 – Part III
    by Les Tanner

    Having reported on his travels along much of the old highway through Idaho in two previous features, the author finishes the job.


    Fiction Contest: Announcing the 2011 Winners

    Statewide: Back Yonder, by Kevin Swan

    Boise: Worst Guy on the Team, by Dean Worbois

    Hagerman: Game Warden Nasty, by Darrell E. Walker

    State Penitentiary: Whiskey and Women, by Gary Eller and John Larsen

    Ketchum: You Take the High Road, by Rebecca Turner-Duggan

    Castleford: Walking in the Desert, by Mike Cothern

    Idaho at Large: Cheney and Me, by Steve Carr

    Recipe Contest: Elk Chasseur; Grilled Asparagus; and Apple Carrot Salad with Huckleberry Lemon Curd, all three recipes courtesy of the Idaho Department of Agriculture, www.idahopreferred.com

    Boise, Castleford, Hagerman, Highway 95, Idaho Falls, Ketchum, Moscow, Murphy, Nampa, Pierce, Riggins