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2011-09, September 2011 (Baker)

2011-09, September 2011 (Baker)


Volume 10 Number 12

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    In the Long Run
    by Anne Audain

    A champion runner tells how she joined forces with Idahoans to create what has become the nation’s largest women’s run.

    Baker—Spotlight City
    by Annette Lewis

    Even from her current vantage point of relaxed Salmon, a young woman who came of age in nearby Baker still goes there for the tranquility, and the memories.

    The Scent of Tarweed
    by Elizabeth Sloan

    An artist chronicles in “bookart” her years as a new arrival to Idaho, which for her were marked by a mysterious, delightful scent.


    Comment: Big Fly-In for Dr. Bird; Letters

    Driggs: The Allure of Letterpress, by Jenica Sparks

    Silver City: Two Lenses; She Made the Images, He Loved the View, by Jacqueline Toy

    Hagerman: Mr. Fix It; The Salvage Guy Who Built a City Pipeline, by Bill Strange

    Coeur d’Alene: Mission Accomplished; Flying Back to Childhood in Northern Idaho, by Mike Kincaid

    Stibnite: When Tungsten Reigned; A Short-Term Hometown Deep in the Forest, by Laurence Romey

    Salmon River Mountains: In Quest of the King; Forest Cuisine to Die For, by Dan Claar

    Meridian: The Passion’s the Thing; Building Sheep Wagon Replicas Is about Working Alone Together, By R. Angela Zecca

    Idaho at Large: Different but Equal, by Steve Carr

    Recipe Contest: Idaho Potato and Smoked Trout Cakes; Strawberry Muffins, both recipes courtesy of the Idaho Department of Agriculture, www.idahopreferred.com

    Baker, Boise, Caldwell, Coeur d’Alene, Driggs, Hagerman, Kamiah, Meridian, Moscow, New Meadows, Salmon River Mountains, Silver City, Stibnite