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2011-08, August 2011 (Firth)

2011-08, August 2011 (Firth)


Volume 10 Number 11

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    The Art of Self-Rescue
    by Steve Silva

    On the Bruneau River in flood season, three rafters consider their limited options, and find their resourcefulness sorely tested.

    Firth—Spotlight City
    by Wallace Swenson

    An inside look at characters and stories of a venerable eastern Idaho town.

    The Past in Pieces
    by Andrea Clark Mason

    Led by a University of Idaho anthropologist, students unearth artifacts from an all-male, World War II internment camp in Kooskia.


    Comment: Making It Come Alive

    Statewide: Idaho Air Shows; Sometimes, They’re Dogfights, by Spike Minczeski

    Pocatello: Haunted High; A Graduate Returns to Investigate, by Tanae Clayson

    Long Valley: Remembering Claire; A Summer Idyll Never Forgotten, by Dan Strawn

    Grace: Sticking the Crawler Tractor; A Doozy of a Mistake, by Bill Corbett

    Snake River Canyon: Auger’s Well; A Community Re-seeds Auger Falls Park, by Mike Cothern

    Statewide: Alpine Angling; Idaho’s Loftiest Fly Fishing, by Basil Service

    Sweet: Everything Idaho, By Kevin Swan

    Idaho at Large: Elementary Chemistry, by Steve Carr

    Recipe Contest: Rainbow Trout Fajitas; Cherry Bruschetta,
    both recipes courtesy of the Idaho Department of Agriculture, www.idahopreferred.com

    Auger Falls, Bruneau River, Challis, Cottonwood, Firth, Fort Hall, Grace, Kooskia, Long Valley, McCall, Pierce, Pocatello, Sweet