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2012-03, March 2012 (Dehlin)

2012-03, March 2012 (Dehlin)


Volume 11 Number 6

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    Hidden Treasure
    by Harvey L. Hughett

    Invisible from the road and approachable only by a trail from the landward side, the floating homes of Hidden Bay on Lake Coeur ddAlene are quintessential Idaho.

    Dehlin – Spotlight City 
    by Jean Schwieder

    Early in the 20th Century, a community sprouted east of Idaho Falls with ambitious plans for its future. The author chronicles the brave struggles of her family and others to survive depressions, disease, and drought.

    Into the Black
    by Amos Richardson

    A hotshot takes us behind the scenes of wildfire fighting, even as he ventures into a Nez Perce National Forest blaze.


    Comment: Lost and Found

    Moscow: Beyond the Ivory Tower, by Sayantani Dasgupta

    Drummond: Edgar and the Salesman, by Helen L. McMullin

    Boise: I Am a Runner, by Alecia Hoobing

    Horseshoe Bend: Riverside Rendezvous, by Candice Genovese

    Clearwater River: Why Fish?, by Don Brigham, Jr.

    Ross Fork: Pump and Roll, by Ben Walters

    Idaho at Large: My Fortune, by Jeff Carr

    Recipe Contest: Bacon Wrapped Rabbit with Potato Pancakes, courtesy of Idaho Preferred; Roasted Red Harvard Beets, courtesy of Idaho Preferred

    Calendar of Events: Magic Valley Gem Club, Filer

    Boise, Clearwater River, Coeur d’Alene, Dehlin, Drummond, Filer, Hidden Bay, Horseshoe Bend, Moscow, Nampa, Nez Perce National Forest, Ross Fork, Stanley