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2012-04, April 2012 (Drummond)

2012-04, April 2012 (Drummond)


Volume 11 Number 7

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    When Spring Comes to Yellow Pine
    by Sue Neider

    It arrives late and emerges slowly, which is part of spring’s charm in the high country, as the lyrical text and photos of a Yellow Pine couple demonstrate.

    Drummond – Spotlight City
    by Helen McMullin

    This little town along the railroad tracks didn’t thrive and didn’t die, but perhaps one day will rust away, suggests a fond observer who was raised in Drummond.

    The Car Wreck
    by Shirley Metts

    Things weren’t exactly going great even before her car hit the buried culvert, and writing about the crash became part of the author’s therapy.


    2012 Fiction Contest Winners: The complete list.

    Boise: Southward Bound, by Dale Toweill

    Priest Lake: Bad Belle, by Nancy Covert

    Atlanta: Saved by Atlanta, by Kenna McClurkin

    Craters of the Moon: Safe Passage, by Lennie Ramacher

    Teton River: Fishing the Teton, by Darrell E. Walker

    Snake River Canyon: Man and Machine, by Mike Cothern

    Idaho Books: Steeped in Idaho, by Jon Frank

    Idaho at Large: That’s a Laugh, by Steve Carr

    Recipe Contest: Red Wine Pot Roast with Honey and Thyme, courtesy of Idaho Preferred; Baked Apples, courtesy of Idaho Preferred

    Calendar of Events: World Jet Boat Marathon, North Idaho

    Atlanta, Boise, Craters of the Moon, Drummond, Idaho Falls, Kimberly, Moscow, Pocatello, Priest Lake, Snake River Canyon, Teton River, Yellow Pine