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2012-09, September 2012 (Atlanta)

2012-09, September 2012 (Atlanta)


Volume 11 Number 12

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    Out of the Blue
    by Wallace J. Swenson

    A ruined tire in the woods near Slate Creek would have meant a grueling hike to help, if not for Idaho’s Good Samaritan ethic coming through again.

    Atlanta – Spotlight City
    by Len Perkins

    Whether flatlander or mountain-born, the folks of this tiny, isolated community bordered by central Idaho wilderness are a diverse and hardy lot.

    Walk a Thousand Miles
    by Thomas Jay Oord

    The Centennial Trail extending from the bottom to the top of Idaho has been fully traversed on foot by very few people. Our intrepid correspondent takes on the challenge, and succeeds.


    Comment: A Few Details

    White Cloud Mountains: Surrounded in the Clouds; A Mountain-Lakes Trek Refreshes Old Memories, by Mike Cothern

    Bellevue: Near Death in the Shallows; Fly Fishing Gone Wrong, by Ray Brooks

    Statewide: Small and Smaller; Thoughts on Identifying Idaho’s Wildflowers, by Judy Grigg Hansen

    Boise: Tough Love; A Lamb to Slaughter, by Ellen V. Albus

    Grace: Blondie’s Story; What Is It about a Boy and His Dog?, by Bill Corbett

    Lake Coeur d’Alene: Two if by Sea; The Youth Camp as Sacred Site, by Kathy Dobbs

    Idaho at Large: Shades of Green, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Gazpacho and French Baguettes

    Calendar of Events: Perrine Bridge Festival, Twin Falls

    Atlanta, Bellevue, Boise, Grace, Harrison, Lake Coeur d’Alene, Nampa, St. Maries, Sandpoint, Slate Creek, Twin Falls, White Cloud Mountains