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2012-11, November 2012 (Princeton)

2012-11, November 2012 (Princeton)


Volume 12 Number 2

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    The Crags by Pack Train
    by F.A. Loomis

    A regular hiker in central Idaho’s Bighorn Crags tries horse-packing in this time, before exploring the high lakes on foot.

    Princeton – Spotlight City
    by Tara Roberts

    The author’s grandfather grew up in this northern Idaho town, once part of its own Ivy League of railroad stops, including Harvard and Yale.

    Growing Up Connected
    by Dana Harris

    When the author was growing up in southeastern Idaho’s McCammon in the early 1970s and 1980s, everybody knew everybody. The impact on her of this connectedness was profound.


    2012 IWL Contests: Nonfiction and Poetry Winners

    2012 Photo Contest: Announcing the Winners

    Statewide: Panorama, Low-Tech; Adventure by Hand and Eye, by Les Tanner

    Redfish Lake: A Couples’ Retreat; Where Love of Nature and Partner Combine, by Daniel Claar

    Glenns Ferry: A Family Found; Where to Look? Try the Museum, by Richard Bauman

    Fremont County: Spuds Under Siege; Do Other States Dare Challenge Our Supremacy?, by Paige Nelson

    Shoshone Falls: Face the Falls; A Newbie Kayaker Encounters the Snake River in a Testy Mood, by Rebecca Maxwell

    Boise: From Couch to Wallow; A Neophyte Tests the Dirty Waters, by Rachel Gattuso

    Idaho Books: Do I Believe in Ghosts?, by Gaye Bunderson

    Idaho at Large: What Do You Do?, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Maple Cayenne Pecan Scones and Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes

    Calendar of Events: Night at the Museum, Caldwell

    Bighorn Crags, Boise, Bonners Ferry, Caldwell, Fremont County, Glenns Ferry, McCammon, Pierce, Princeton, Redfish Lake, Shoshone Falls, Winchester