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2013-05, May 2013 (Springfield)

2013-05, May 2013 (Springfield)


Volume 12, Number 8

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    In the Long Run

    By Claire Gudmundsen

    A long-distance runner competes in a freezing mid-winter race in the Owyhees, and her account of it will give you less hardy types an eye-opening notion of what makes Johnny (and Judy) run.

    Springfield – Spotlight City

    By Geraldine Mathias

    A Blackfoot resident almost always drove right by the neighboring hamlet of Springfield on her way to somewhere else. This time she stopped, and was surprised.

    The First Expression

    By Rachel Gattuso

    In Twin Falls, young ladies give stirring accounts of how and why they became classical virtuosos.


    Comments: Kamiah Abode

    2013 Fiction Contest: Award Winners

    Boise: Nuturing the Natives
    by Ann Debolt

    Rock Creek: Water Everywhere
    by Mike Cothern

    Pocatello: Keeper of the Eternal Bookstore

    by Harald Wyndham

    Island Park: The Moose and I
    by Wallace J. Swenson

    Nampa: Makings of a Drifter
    by ckevinswan

    Idaho Books: The Falcon and the Bookman
    by Harald Wyndham

    Idaho at Large: It’s the Milk’s Fault
    by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Sugarless Banana Cookies; Tarragon-Brushed Artichokes

    Calendar of Events: Sacred Salmon Ceremony, Riggins

    Boise, Island Park, Kamiah, McCammon, Nampa, Pocatello, Riggins, Rock Creek, St. Anthony, St. Maries, Springfield, Twin Falls, Wilson Creek

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