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2013-08, August 2013 (King Hill)

2013-08, August 2013 (King Hill)


Volume 12, Number 11

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    Wiring the Backcountry

    By Betty Derig with Melissa Derig

    Back in the early 1920s, what was then called the Idaho Primitive Area got telephone communication. The descendants of one such worker explore his journal.

    King Hill – Spotlight City

    By Dean Worbois

    A place of rocks and steep grades was in bad need of irrigation if it were to become habitable. Here’s a story of amazing engineering feats to make that happen.

    The King Hill Diaries

    By Jerry Eichhorst

    As an accompaniment to this month’s Spotlight City feature, a researcher of pioneer diaries provides excerpts from the writings of early travelers in the area.


    Comments: Upper Gospel Lake

    Southern Idaho: Here Comes the Night, by Jon Mills

    Hells Canyon: Riverboat, Ahoy, by Grove Koger

    Redfish Lake: On the Beach, by Michael Stubbs

    Snake River Plain: With Bat Man and Snake Lady, by Kris Millgate

    Sawtooth Mountains: After Summer, by Rachel Gattuso

    Caldwell: Recycling Forever, by Les Tanner

    Soda Springs: Hooked on Books, by Joe Davis

    Idaho at Large: I Shall Golf My Age, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Crockpot Apple Cobbler Cake; Simple, Delicious Salsa

    Calendar of Events: Sawtooth Salmon Festival, Stanley

    Big Creek, Caldwell, Fort Hall, Hells Canyon, Homedale, King Hill, Pierce, Redfish Lake, Salmon, Sawtooth Mountains, Snake River Plain, Soda Springs, Stanley

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