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2014-01, January 2014 (Warren)

2014-01, January 2014 (Warren)


Volume 13 Number 4

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    Climbing the Waterfall

    By Mark Weber

    Armed with spiky equipment, cyborg-like ice climbers take on the Snake River Canyon. The author, an ice-climber for two decades, documents how it’s done.

    Warren – Spotlight City

    By Mahlon Kriebel

    On a trip to this former mining mecca, the author learns to pan gold and explores the technology and economics of the remote outpost in its heyday.

    Return of the Mongoose

    By Rob Morris

    When the author meets his old sparring partner after many years, the latter is inspired to get back into the ring. Will the Mongoose survive?


    Comments: Brains Required

    Garden Valley: Drive-by Rescue, by Francisco Lozano

    Cabinet Mountains: Bipolar Season, by G.T. Rees

    Clearwater National Forest: Bungalow Bears Beware, by B.J. Campbell

    Priest Lake: Suffer No Hot Dogs, by Marylyn Cork

    Sun Valley: A Snow Sun, by Sean Sheehan

    Statewide: The Highland Games, by Cynthia Anne Johnson

    Idaho at Large: Tankard in a Teacup, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Potato Chip and Bacon Quiche; Southwest Mac N Cheese; Loaded Baked Potato Chips; Cabbage Salad

    Calendar of Events: Teton Valley Great Snow Fest, Driggs

    Boise, Cabinet Mountains, Clearwater National Forest, Driggs, Garden Valley, Island Park, McCall, Priest Lake, Snake River Canyon, Sun Valley, Warren, White Bird, Winchester