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2014-02, February 2014 (Corral)

2014-02, February 2014 (Corral)


Volume 13 Number 5

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    By Doug Tims

    In an excerpt from a new book, the author describes life with his wife in a cabin on the Salmon’s Middle Fork, with no neighbors, no phone, and no electricity.

    Corral – Spotlight City

    By Dean Clark

    Growing up in a tarpaper shack in the remote logging town of Headquarters was no picnic, but the author realizes it taught lessons and gave rewards that lasted him a lifetime. In this meticulous account, he recalls many details of the challenges and charms of the place, including the ice pond.

    The Ice Pond

    By Charlene Aycock

    This tiny community on the Camas Prairie started out as a stagecoach station, moved down to the railroad tracks, and was claimed by six counties over the years. The author meets a family with a long history there.


    Comments: Sawtooth Elk

    Shoshone: Catastrophe, High and Wide, by Robert Jenkins

    Caldwell: Messing Around, by Les Tanner

    Arrowrock Dam: The Tallest Dam, by Grove Koger

    Big Lost River: Locked Out!, by Ray Brooks

    Statewide: Splendid Misery, by Judy Grigg Hansen

    Idaho Books: Minidoka Memories, by Amy Larson

    Idaho at Large: Going AWOL Post-Christmas, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Greek Salad; Fill ‘Em-Up Smoothie

    Calendar of Events: Skijoring Competition, Sandpoint

    Arrowrock Dam, Big Lost River, Boise, Caldwell, Campbell’s Ferry Ranch, Corral, Headquarters, Nampa, Pierce, Sandpoint, Shoshone