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2014-05, May 2014 (Greenleaf)

2014-05, May 2014 (Greenleaf)


Volume 13 Number 8

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    Cycling the Rivers

    By Thomas Sullivan

    When a married couple embarks on a biking marathon along three central Idaho rivers, the experience tests more than merely their physical stamina.

    Greenleaf- Spotlight City

    By Natalie Needham

    The author had driven through this tiny Quaker outpost on occasion, but after moving there in 2009,  she came to appreciate a long history of peaceful achievement that remains intact today.

    Art Calls

    By Alex Vega

    The author took the safe route and forsook art for a degree in finance. And then he changed his mind, which turned out to be a boon for the Boise art scene.


    Comments: Morel Season

    Glenns Ferry: The Grand Old Gal, by Amy Larson

    Priest River: Almost a Resident, by Bob Bailey

    Greenleaf: The Little Mellow, by Dave Goins

    Sawtooth Range: Lioness of Idaho, by Mike Bullard

    Lewiston: American Dreamer, by Brian D’Ambrosio

    Idaho Books: Tied and True, by Les Tanner

    Idaho at Large: What’s Your Label?, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Soft Pretzels; Sour Cream Apple Pie

    Calendar of Events: Renaissance Fair, Moscow

    Boise, Garden City, Glenns Ferry, Greenleaf, Lewiston, McCammon, Moscow, Priest River, Riggins, Sawtooth Range, Weippe