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2014-06, June 2014 (Ferdinand)

2014-06, June 2014 (Ferdinand)


Volume 13 Number 9

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    Standing on the Snake

    By Mark Weber

    A family excursion on standup paddleboards takes the author and his young adult children to many of the Snake River’s most iconic locales for paddling of all kinds along its south-central Idaho course.

    Ferdinand – Spotlight City

    By Rod F. Arnzen

    Among the author’s ancestors, who were Idaho pioneers on both sides of the family, was the principal founder of Ferdinand. This story draws on his unpublished history of the town’s early days.

    A Place of Wind and Magic

    By Barbara Morgan

    Leaving the beauties of the Palouse isn’t easy for the author. Even so, her intense longing for the place begins to transform into affection for a new Idaho home.


    Comments: Our Readers Respond

    Mammoth Cave: For Love of Dreams, by Katie Ann Olsen

    McCall: A Mother’s Tears, by Kitty Delorey Fleischman

    Kuna: Tumbleweed Tinder, by Dean Worbois

    Arling: The Feud, by F.A. Loomis

    Mud Lake: Bird Trackers, by Kris Millgate

    Statewide: The Beast in Us, by Patrick McCarthy

    Idaho at Large: Running for Nothing, Standing for Something, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Coconut Lime Potatoes Anna; Rhubarb Pecan Crisp

    Calendar of Events: Payette River Games, Cascade

    Arling, Boise, Cascade, Emmett, Ferdinand, Kuna, Lewiston, Mammoth Cave, McCall, Moscow, Mud Lake, Snake River, Weippe