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2014-12, December 2014 (Hansen)

2014-12, December 2014 (Hansen)


Volume 14 Number 3

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    Foodies, Unite

    By Amy Larson

    Returning alone to her old stomping grounds of Sun Valley, the author soon finds that a food festival is the perfect place to make new friends.

    Hansen – Spotlight City

    By Shirley Metts

    During her youth, the author paid little attention to a neighboring town called Hansen. But later, she had cause to look more deeply into its life.

    Tarzan Loves Idaho

    By Albert Frank Asker

    When a Boise native and longtime comics enthusiast tries to start up an Idaho comics anthology, what better springboard than Edgar Rice Burroughs’ love of Idaho?


    Comments: Perrine Bridge in Winter

    Sweet Ola Highway: Coming Home, by Greta Rebus

    Salmon-Challis National Forest: Plumb Loco, by Karen Ketchie Davidson

    Fall Creek Falls: Even a Tent, by Josh Packer

    Palisades Reservoir: A Hole in the Boat, by Cheryl Cox

    Henry’s Fork: Huckleberry Hounds, by Lana Creer-Harris

    Sagle: She Can Saw, by Desiré Aguirre

    Idaho at Large: What’s in a Name?, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Festive Gingerbread Cake; Salt Clay Ornaments

    Calendar of Events: Under the Influence of Rock and Roll, Ketchum/Sun Valley

    Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Fall Creek Falls, Hansen, Henry’s Fork, Lava Hot Springs, Palisades Reservoir, Pierce, Salmon-Challis National Forest, Sagle, Sun Valley, Sweet Ola Highway