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2015-09, September 2015 (Harvard)

2015-09, September 2015 (Harvard)


Volume 14 Number 12

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    Put It in Your Heart

    By Cate Huisman

    Kalispel Tribe members pass down wisdom of the ages to northern Idaho schoolchildren.

    Harvard – Spotlight City

    By Khaliela Wright

    On a visit to a favored community in her neck of the woods, the author extols the virtues of distance and isolation.

    A Sad Day at Albion

    By Glenn Butterfield

    Through decades of research, the author pieces together the day his great-grandfather died in a gunfight with an outlaw.


    Comments: Blue Moon

    Boise: The Sirens’ Song, by Link Jackson

    Swan Falls/Silver City: In Pioneer Footsteps, by Alan Drew

    Statewide: Birds on the Brain, by Dale E. Toweill

    Arrowrock Dam: The Steward of Arrowrock, by the Editors

    Grangeville: Farm Wars, by Karen Sue Kight

    The Palouse: Classic Idaho, photo by Greg Schmidt

    Killarney Lake: Back to Killarney, by Mike Blackbird

    Idaho at Large: The Road Home, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Grilled Dill Mustard Salmon; Milkshakes

    Calendar of Events: Youth Farmers Market and Gardening Fair, Meridian


    Albion, Boise, Caldwell, Grangeville, Hagerman, Harvard, Killarney Lake, New Meadows, Meridian, Roseberry, Sandpoint, Silver City, Swan Falls Dam, The Palouse