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2015-10, October 2015 (Stites)

2015-10, October 2015 (Stites)


Volume 15 Number 1

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    East Meets West

    By Khaliela Wright

    Hosting an exchange student, the author learns that these young folks are fascinated by the people and cultures of northern Idaho tribes.

    Stites – Spotlight City

    By Jane Stone

    This summer’s fierce wildfires in northern Idaho reaffirm the author’s faith in the open-heartedness of her town.


    By Michael Stubbs

    The author takes on the terrain around Challis in a sixty-seven-mile footrace that takes him almost seventeen hours to complete.


    Comments: Beautiful Firefighter

    Kirkham Hot Springs: The Fifty-Miler, by Harvey Hughett

    Magic Valley: The Visionary, by Erin Anchustegui

    Fairfield: The Thrill Is Strong, by Clark G. Ballard

    Harriman State Park: Reed and Tube, by Kris Millgate

    Twin Falls: Tipi of Steel, by Kathleen Mckevitt

    West Mountains: Where Was Hector?, by Kurt Caswell

    Paris: Patriotic Paris, photo by Jo Ann Farnsworth

    Idaho at Large: Rocks Ahead, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Pumpkin Caliente Soup; Fall Fruit Enchiladas

    Calendar of Events: Gem and Mineral Show, Lewiston


    Challis, Emmett, Fairfield, Harriman State Park, Kirkham Hot Springs, Lewiston, Magic Valley, Moscow, Paris, Riggins, Stites, Twin Falls, West Mountains