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2015-12, December 2015 (Reubens)

2015-12, December 2015 (Reubens)


Volume 15 Number 3

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    The Real Deal

    By Merri Melde

    Down a piece from the author’s Owyhee County home, she helps out herding cattle for the state’s oldest operating family ranch.

    Reubens – Spotlight City

    By Karen Sue Kight

    A decade raising her family in this tiny northern Idaho town provided the author with some delightfully quirky insights.

    Heeding the Call

    By Mike Cothern

    As he hikes through several wilderness areas of the state, the author reflects on Nature’s magnetism and her inspiration.


    Comments: Tamaracks along Highway 55

    Boise: The Bridges of Ada County, by Dick Lee

    Moscow: Ever-Green, by Jim Fazio

    Big Creek: You’ll Be Glad, by Karlene Bayok Edwards

    Camas County: High Country Christmas, by Clell G. Ballard

    Melba: The Good-For, by Les Tanner

    Owyhee County: Wilson Creek Worship, by Amy Larson

    Idaho at Large: Balderdash, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Cheesy Pull-Apart Party Bread; Baked Pears with Vanilla Yogurt and Granola

    Calendar of Events: Yuletide Festival, Wallace


    Big Creek, Boise, Caldwell, Camas County, Lava Hot Springs, Lewiston, Melba, Moscow, Oakley, Owyhee County, Pocatello, Reubens, Wallace