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2017-02, February 2017 (Pearl)

2017-02, February 2017 (Pearl)


Volume 16 Number 5

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    The Mammoth Mine Rediscovered

    By Ray Brooks

    Hiking in the White Knob Mountains, the author uncovers remnants of a mine that may have been the highest one ever established in Idaho.

    Pearl – Spotlight City

    By Rochelle Cunningham

    A long-defunct mining town only twelve miles from Horseshoe Bend has been a haven for the author’s family for generations.

    Almost a Calamity

    By Carolyn White

    When the author makes a hospital visit with her new cowboy beau, his whole family is there to check her out.


    Comments: Snowy Ashton Hill

    Caldwell: Pickleballed, by Les Tanner

    Lost River Range: The Bighorns Are Back, by Kris Millgate

    Northern Idaho: Packing the Tot, by Chyrle Bonk

    Sandpoint: Doctor Direct, by Mike Turnlund

    Arco: A Train for a Plane, by Thornton Waite

    Yellowstone National Park: The Zone of Death, by Korey Peterson

    Idaho at Large: What Happens Next?, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Zippy Grilled Cheese; Soda Pop Ice Cream

    Calendar of Events: Cabin Fever Reliever, Nampa


    Arco, Boise, Caldwell, Challis, Idaho Falls, Lost River Range, Nampa, Pearl, Sandpoint, Stanley, White Knob Mountains, Yellowstone National Park