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2017-05, May 2017 (Ahsahka)

2017-05, May 2017 (Ahsahka)


Volume 16 Number 8

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    Biodiesel Power

    By John Crockett

    The author assisted research in the 1990s at the University of Idaho that would transform the development of biodiesel fuel worldwide.

    Ahsahka – Spotlight City

    By Chyrle Bonk

    The little community near Dworshak Dam where two rivers meet has long been an angler’s haven.

    The Ravages of March

    By Khaliela Wright

    Across northern Idaho this spring, the author’s far-flung family was among many who endured torrential floodwaters.


    Comments: Shoshone Falls

    Southern Idaho: In Praise of Smallness, by Les Tanner

    Main Salmon River: All the Demons of Hell, by Joe Leonard

    Boise: I am a Weapon, by Ashlee Sierra

    Statewide: Cops I’ve Known, by Bob Bailey

    Tetons: Let Go, by Kris Millgate

    Donnelly: You’re Busted, by Carolyn White

    Idaho at Large: Unprepared, by Brandi Johnson

    Recipes: Biscuits and Gravy Bake; Spring Popcorn Balls

    Calendar of Events: Take Me Fishing Trailers, Statewide


    Ahsahka, Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Donnelly, Main Salmon River, Moscow, Riggins, St. Anthony, Sandpoint, Tetons