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2017-09, September 2017 (Riverside)

2017-09, September 2017 (Riverside)


Volume 16 Number 12

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    A Shocking Impact

    By Shawn Willsey

    A College of Idaho geologist visits the Challis site of the largest meteorite ever known to strike North America.

    The Last Trek

    By Mike Cothern

    Hunting in the upper reaches of the Pioneer Mountains, the author wonders how much longer his body can keep up with his spirit.

    Riverside – Spotlight City

    By Geraldine Mathias

    Five miles from Blackfoot and across the Snake River, which flooded it in the Teton Dam break, Riverside has persisted since the 1880s.



    Comments: Hatchet Lake

    Selway River: The Crown Jewel, by Link Jackson

    Boise: The Absence of Assorted Things, by Elizabeth Lee

    Melba: This Good Old Building, by Madge Cook Wiley

    Lochsa River: Hooked on Rafting, by Alice Schenk

    Gilmore: Ghost on the Plain, by Storee Powell

    Idaho at Large: The Reluctant Reunioner, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Elk Valley Shrimp Boil; Lyman Lemon Zucchini Bread

    Calendar of Events: Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Social, Roseberry


    Boise, Challis, Driggs, Garden City, Gilmore, Jerome, Lochsa River, Melba, Pioneer Mountains, Roseberry, Riverside, Sandpoint, Selway River, Stanley