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2018-03, March 2018 (Inkom)

2018-03, March 2018 (Inkom)


Volume 17 Number 6

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    We Dream As We Go

    By Robert S. Bostwick

    Here’s how wise leadership took the Coeur d’Alene Tribe from poverty to full employment, while creating a regional economic boom.

    Bison in the Basement

    By Jennifer Huang

    Ancient giant bison fossils excavated in southern Idaho have now been 3D-scanned and made free to view online for all.

    Inkom – Spotlight City

    By Elise Barker

    As soon as she laid eyes on the place, the author wanted to live there, and though she never got her wish, she gathered lots of local stories.



    Comments: Blood Moon over the Boise Depot

    Idaho Falls: Idaho Remembers, by Linden B. Bateman

    Pioneer Mountains: The Higher You Get, by Jeri Walker

    Boise: I’ll Do It, by Jeanne Thomas

    Sawtooth Mountains: Team Alice, by Alice Schenk

    Salmon River Canyon: Unflippable or Unflappable?, by Ray Brooks

    Idaho at Large: Rambo Is Bored, by Marylyn Cork

    Recipes: Lost River Irish Coddle; Green Canyon Punch

    Calendar of Events: Spring Sports Madness, Nampa



    Boise, Filer, Garden City, Idaho Falls, Inkom, Nampa, Pioneer Mountains, Pocatello, Salmon River Canyon, Sawtooth Mountains, Worley