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2018-07, July 2018 (Lakeview)

2018-07, July 2018 (Lakeview)


Volume 17 Number 10

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    Alone in His World

    By Teddy Khteian-Keeton

    Iconic Idaho artist James Castle, whose Boise home was recently opened as a gallery, sold one of his first works to our contributor.

    Running For Cal

    By Mike Chillstrom

    The death of a friend’s little boy from cancer prompts the author to make a hundred-mile run for charity at Eagle Island State Park

    Lakeview – Spotlight City

    By Mike Kincaid

    The author tours historic buildings in a former boom town on Lake Pend Oreille, now a hideaway in a spectacular setting.



    Comments: Upper Mesa Falls

    Coeur d’Alene: Before the Fourth, by Diana Braskich

    Cottonwood: The Bamboo Jacket, by Mary Terra-Berns

    Rupert: Never Too Late, by Alice Schenk

    Cataldo: A Secret, by Aisha Marie

    Bruneau Desert: Van-Jacked, by Ray Brooks

    Payette National Forest: Living the Dream, by Kitty Campbell Widner

    Idaho at Large: Mountain Lovers, by Marylyn Cork

    Recipes: Wilder Garden Zucchini Squares; Root Beer Float Icy Pops

    Calendar of Events: Lavendar Festival, Kuna



    Boise, Bruneau Desert, Cataldo, Coeur d’Alene, Cottonwood, Eagle Island State Park, Grangeville, Kuna, Lakeview, Payette National Forest, Pocatello, Rigby, Rupert