2019-05, May 2019 (Kooskia)


Volume 18 Number 8




Storm on the Salmon

By Ray Brooks

An eventful rafting trip through Lower Salmon River country ends on a flooding Snake River.

The Mystery of the Ledger

By Jay Karamales

A 19th Century volume is identified that depicts the business life of a founding member of Boise commerce.

Kooskia – Spotlight City

By Dennis Pence

Moving to Kooskia, the author and his wife perched on the edge of wilderness amidst a new kind of freedom.



Comments: Moody Snake River Canyon

Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness: Project Remote, Ryan Means

Fairfield: The Worst Timing, Clell G. Ballard

Kimberly: The Unburied, by D. B. Tompsett

Caldwell: Jimmy and Me, by Les Tanner

Hammett: A Russian Conspiracy, by Diana Hooley

Idaho At Large: No North, No South, by Marylyn Cork

Recipes: Eggs Benedict Casserole; Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes

Calendar of Events: Fisherman’s Breakfast, St. Anthony



Boise, Caldwell, Fairfield, Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, Garden City, Hammett, Idaho Falls, Kimberly, Kooskia, Moscow, Riggings, St. Anthony, Salmon River, Snake River

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