2019-09, September 2019 (Clearwater)


Volume 18 Number 12




A Bite of the Backcountry

By India Caedmon

A bush pilot gets a protection dog who is useless, until she meets the Dog Whisperer.

Cowboy Ron and a Ride to White Bird

By James J. Pizzadili

Taking a hitchhiker from Lewiston to White Bird, the author morphs into an impromptu tour guide.

Clearwater – Spotlight City

By Dana Lohrey

The author was raised in this gorgeous and remote village, which remains tiny but vibrant.



Comments: Nehemiah Barn, Buhl

Garden City: Hitting Ninety, Roxie Olmstead

Boise: Standing Up to Hate, Dan Prinzing

Moscow: A Café of One’s Own, by Sayantani Dasgupta

Southern Idaho: Backwards on Goodale’s Cutoff, by Billy Jim Wilson

Grangeville: On Hoodoo Mountain, by Lorie Palmer

Idaho At Large: The Sense of My Place, by Marylyn Cork

Recipes: Chili Relleno Casserole; Carrot Cheese Cake

Calendar of Events: World Champion BASE Jump Competition, Twin Falls



Boise, Caldwell, Clearwater, Garden City, Grangeville, Interstate 95, Moscow, New Meadows, North Fork, Priest River, Shoshone, Star, Twin Falls

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