2020-11, November 2020 (Downey)


Volume 20 Number 2




Codgers in Our Midst

By J. David Erickson

The author profiles three classic Idahoans he first encountered in wilderness and rural areas of the state.

Learned Behaviors

By Les Tanner

A retired College of Idaho mathematics professor recalls helping his students discover the meaning of perseverance.

Downey – Spotlight City

By Jay G. Burrup

Having been raised in this Marsh Valley town, the author considers it to be the place where heaven and earth meet.



Comments: Pastoral Idaho

Letters to the Editor: Mary Jackson and David Summers

Selkirk Mountains: Selecting In, by Kimberly Shepard

Jerome: Hard Things, by Trisha Taylor

Selkirk Mountains: Where Is This High Point?, by Alice Schenk

Wood River Valley: Back Then in the Valley, by John W. Lundin

Twin Falls: A Splendid Showing, by Justin Vipperman

Idaho At Large: On the Plus Side, by Marylyn Cork

Recipes: Apple Lasagna with Caramel; Chicken Cheese Chili

Calendar of Events: Art After School, Twin Falls



Caldwell, Downey, Gospel-Hump Wilderness, Jerome, Kellogg, Selkirk Wilderness, Twin Falls, Wood River Valley

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