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2020-12, December 2020 (Pinehurst)

2020-12, December 2020 (Pinehurst)


Volume 20, Number 3

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    In a Forest Torrent

    By Michael Stubbs

    The third, and probably last, story in a series about the author’s assaults on the formidable Idaho Centennial Trail.

    Onion Season

    By Les Tanner

    Onions, bees, peppers, and alfalfa seeds are only part of what a Parma family tends throughout its busy year.

    Pinehurst – Spotlight City

    By Eloise Kraemer

    The author gives us a tour of this town of sixteen hundred on Pine Creek, even as she reflects on its compelling past.



    Comments: Wishing Stone

    Sagle: Splash of Paint, by Desir√© Aguirre

    Letter to the Editor: Wide-Open Days, Ken Stafford

    Hammett: New and Wondrous, by Diana Hooley

    Rupert: The Twelve Daze, by Alice Schenk

    Grangeville: Quick to Shovel, by Max Jenkins

    Potlatch: Storm Blind, by Khaliela Wright

    Idaho At Large: It’s Holiday Month, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Easy Chicken Pot Pie; Amish Apple Fritter Bread

    Calendar of Events: Boise Philharmonic Virtual Concert: Home for the Holidays



    Grangeville, Hammett, Parma, Pinehurst, Potlatch, Rupert, Sagle, Selkirk-Bitterroot Wilderness