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2021-01, January 2021 (Indian Cove)

2021-01, January 2021 (Indian Cove)


Volume 20, Number 4

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    The Smoky Mines

    By Ray Brooks

    In field and library research, the author chronicles a 19th-Century Idaho mining boom and bust.

    Pineapple Express

    By Jim Shubert

    When Pine Creek flooded in December 1964, the author and his brother carried relief to their isolated grandparents.

    Indian Cove – Spotlight City

    By Diana Hooley

    For generations, the family of the author’s husband has farmed in this community on the Snake River.



    Comments: Blaine County Sheep Bridge

    Sawtooth Valley: Tough Questions, by Les Tanner

    Huston: Sage Acres, by Michael Vogt

    Meridian: The Hawk is Back, by Warren Clary

    Sand Hollow: A Final Toast, Dean Worbois

    Fruitland: A Penny for the Baker, by Michael Feldman

    Eastern Idaho: Eight Days, Six Peaks, by Alice Schenk

    Idaho At Large: Room for Optimism, by Marylyn Cork

    Recipes: Marvelous Mushroom Soup; Luck Lemon Pound Cake



    Fruitvale, Huston, Indian Cove, Lowman, Meridian, Pine Creek, Sand Hollow, Sawtooth Valley, Smoky Mountains