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2022-02, February 2022 (Idaho Falls)

2022-02, February 2022 (Idaho Falls)


Volume 21, Number 5

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    All the Way Through

    By Collin Ciarlo

    The author describes his rare feat of trekking the roughly one-thousand-mile Idaho Centennial Trail in one season.

    Over the Trail and Down the River

    By Gary Oberbillig

    A very old canoe the author’s family found when he was young now leads him on a quest to determine its origins.

    Idaho Falls Spotlight City

    By Bruce Bash

    Here’s a new look at a major Idaho town that the magazine first featured as a Spotlight City almost twenty years ago.


    Comments: Island Park

    Wood River Valley: Way Fast on Snow, by Ray Brooks

    Downey: Her Gnarled Hands, by Lynne Larson

    Boise: Homegrown, by Mary Rogers

    Stanley: Elemental, by Kim Steinberg

    Caldwell: The Hat, by Les Tanner

    Idaho At Large: Home Alone, by Steve Carr

    Recipes: Biker Chuck’s Yummy Veggie Side Dish; Good Year Garlic Cheese Biscuits

    Calendar: Idaho Gem & Mineral Show,
    Garden City



    Ashton, Boise, Burley, Caldwell, Downey, Garden City, Glenns Ferry, Idaho Falls, Lava Hot Springs, Nampa, Pocatello, Stanley, Wood River Valley