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2022-11, November 2022 (Jerome)

2022-11, November 2022 (Jerome)


Volume 22, Number 2

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    Marsing Attacked

    By John M. Larsen

    During World War II, a bombing range was not the only place around Marsing where “friendly fire” fell.

    The Idaho Enigma

    By Justin Smith

    A new book of historic photographs of Idaho raises questions for the author about what makes the state.

    Jerome — Spotlight City

    By Linda Helms

    A lifelong resident pieces together the city’s changes over the decades in terms of buildings gained and lost.


    Comments: Lake Cascade

    Seven Devils Mountains: Monument Peak, by Alice Schenk

    Boise: What Windy Taught Us, by Deb Roman

    Henrys Fork: It’s a Rod, Not a Pole, by Marcia McGreevy Lewis

    Milo: Maggie, by Doug Rose

    Salmon River Country: You Dirty Rat, by Gary Oberbilig

    Idaho At Large: Red Skies, by Marylyn Cork

    Recipes: Lovely Lady Lemon Zucchini Bread;
    Crockpot Crush Casserole

    Calendar: Salute To Idaho Veterans, Pocatello


    Boise, Caldwell, Garden City, Henrys Fork, Jerome, Marsing, Milo, Nampa, Salmon River Country, Seven Devils Mountains, Twin Falls, Pocatello