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2023-01, January 2023 (Thomas)

2023-01, January 2023 (Thomas)


Volume 22, Number 4

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    Inventing Idaho

    By Keith C. Petersen

    In an adaptation from his new book, the author, a former state historian, tells the stories behind how the state got its borders.

    Close Calls

    By Ray Brooks

    True tales of derring-do while working on a fire crew in central Idaho in the 1960s.

    Thomas — Spotlight City

    By Alice Elison

    The author’s in-laws came from this tiny town that not many people pass through.


    Table Rock: Morning Walks, by Tom Lopez

    Latah County: Blamed Hard Work, by Rob Moore

    Upper Glidden Lake: Thrashing Thursday, by Mike Blackbird

    Marsing: Dog Town, by John M. Larsen

    Snake River: Coyotes and Camels, by Amy Story

    Idaho At Large: Worth the Battle, by Marylyn Cork

    Recipes: Crusty Chicken Pie; Cheese Biscuits

    Calendar: Great Train Show, Garden City


    Caldwell, Central Idaho, Garden City, Laytah County, Marsing, Priest Lake, Snake River, Table Rock, Thomas, Upper Glidden Lake