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2023-04, April 2023 (Kellogg)

2023-04, April 2023 (Kellogg)


Volume 22, Number 6

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    The Last Mail Flight

    By Richard H. Holm, Jr.

    The author witnesses the end of an era: the final air delivery of mail to residents of the South Fork Salmon River country.

    Over the Hump

    By Ray Brooks

    The Gospel Hump Wilderness is no place for codgers, the author ruefully admits, as he hikes through its old minesites.

    Kellogg — Spotlight City

    By Mike Blackbird

    One of Idaho’s most colorful towns has a redemptive story, told here by someone who grew up there.


    Craters of the Moon: Skiing the Moon, by Michael Stubbs

    Lewiston: The Spiral Highway, by Mark Ready

    Eagle: Year of the Siblings, by Elle Phillips

    Statewide: Book of Beings, by CMarie Fuhrman

    Owyhee Breaks: Go-By and the Mustangers, by John M. Larsen

    Idaho At Large: The Elk and Us, by The Editors

    Recipes: Amorette’s Tuscan Chicken Delight; Crunchy Cheesy Pickle Bites

    Calendar: Hells Canyon Showdown, Lewiston


    Boise, Buffalo Hump Wilderness, Craters of the Moon, Eagle, Garden City, Idaho Falls, Kellogg, Lewiston, Moscow, Owyhee Breaks, South Fork Salmon River