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2023-05, May 2023 (Grangeville)

2023-05, May 2023 (Grangeville)


Volume 22, Number 8

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    Dog Meets Rattler

    By Drew Wahlin

    On a bird-hunting trip in west-central Idaho, the author’s Miller English pointer has a damaging encounter.

    Bear Faced

    By Ray Brooks

    Over the decades of tramping the backwoods and mountains of Idaho, the author has had a few run-ins with bears.

    Grangeville — Spotlight City

    By Lorie Palmer Russell

    A longtime Grangeville reporter reflects on the town’s blend of quietude and ever-present forms of entertainment.


    Jump Creek: Obadiah Jump, by John M. Larsen

    Lost Rivers Country: Sagebrush Music, by P. Gary Eller

    Prairie: As the Pioneers, by John Evans

    St Joe National Forest: Lookout Life, by Nancy Sule Hammond

    Snake River: Sturgeonitis, by Rachel Moore

    Idaho At Large: Back to the Hoe, by Diana Hooley

    Recipes: Cinnamon Roll Birthday Cake;
    Birthday Frittata

    Calendar: Hometown Festival, Kuna


    American Falls, Central Idaho, Garden City, Grangeville, Jump Creek, Kuna, Lost River Country, Malad/Samaria, Prairie, Riggins, Snake River, St Joe National Forest, Twin Falls, West Mountains.