A Family Found

Where to Look? Try the Museum

Story by Richard Bauman

This is something you’ll want to see,” I said to my wife, Donna, as we viewed exhibits in a gallery at the Glenns Ferry Historical Museum.

We were in the first floor gallery dedicated to the town’s schools, where I was looking at an eight-by-ten, black-and-white glossy photograph of thirty-three members of the Glenns Ferry High School senior class of 1939. The picture was probably taken in the early fall of 1938. At first, Donna didn’t see what I saw.

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Richard Bauman

About Richard Bauman

Richard Bauman enjoys writing about historical places and the people involved in them, because it makes him part-detective, part-trivia hound and part-amateur historian. He reads a lot, travels a lot, and takes far too many digital photographs. He and his wife, Donna, who have been married fifty-one years, reside in West Covina, California.

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