Clean Lines

Old Meets New in Idaho Jewelry

Story and Photos by Gerard Regot

My new friend wore a ring of diamonds and blue sapphires that made me look closely. When I asked about it, she said it was made in Idaho. She was born and raised here, and now designs and sells Idaho jewelry through her own business.

The ring she wore had a contemporary look yet the stones were classically cut, a blend of timeless technique and modern taste that impressed me. Since then, I’ve often been struck by this fusion of tradition and modernity in the jewelry of Idaho.

Whether a piece embraces a minimalist aesthetic or boasts an intricate, elaborate design, it frequently seems to embody this captivating duality.

I’m by no means a jewelry connoisseur or expert, but I got into jewelry photography long ago, through a friend who had a passion for jewelry, and my interest became to share, in photos, the emotion of looking at a beautiful piece.

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Five circles of gold with diamonds.
Miss Rodeo Idaho ring.
Triangle of gold with diamonds.
White gold ring set with diamonds and rubies.


I’m originally from Spain and had lived in Oregon and Washington for eight years before moving to Idaho in September 2022. After my arrival here, when I heard someone call Idaho “the Gem State,” I asked why it had this nickname, and, funnily enough, I got several different answers.

They ranged from, “I don’t know,” to “Because it’s a gem of a state.” I asked Mr. Google, and learned it was because of rare minerals that have been found in all corners of the state, and I discovered that the state gem is the star garnet, which can be found only in Idaho and India.

The Gem State moniker may not be directly linked to many of the gems used in contemporary jewelry but the name nevertheless carries weight, and fosters expectations. When I photograph a piece of Idaho jewelry, I feel a sense of responsibility to ensure that the image does justice to the name.

The four photos shown on these pages provide a cross-section of Idaho jewel-making talent. Each one speaks to me.

The triangle provides a clear example of the clean lines found in modern jewelry. Yellow gold contrasts with the shimmering row of diamonds, exuding luxury.

The fourteen-carat white gold ring is set with diamonds and rubies. The piece looked fierce when I first set eyes on it. The vibrancy of the rubies and clarity of the diamonds, combined with the ring design, spoke of power.

I was mesmerized by the simplicity of the piece with five circles of yellow gold and diamonds, which in its elegance looked very modern to me.

The ring with the big blue sapphire and diamonds galore in intricate filigree was a donation for the coronation of Miss Rodeo Idaho. It definitely has a vintage feel but the use of bold colors in contrast to the vintage filigree gives it a modern twist.

In each such case, my challenge as a photographer is to capture the essence of a jewel-maker’s artistry, to help people better appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that come from the Gem State.



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Gerard Regot

About Gerard Regot

Gerard Regot is originally from Barcelona, Spain but has traversed Europe, Israel, NYC, and the Pacific Northwest, and now lives in Boise. A photographer, creative director, and videographer with a passion for transforming visions into reality, Gerard says he “thrives on crafting memorable experiences to the highest standards.” Find him and his photography at

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