Drive-by Rescue

Travails of a First-Timer in Snow

Story and Photos by Francisco Lozano

The flurries falling on my head made me feel like dancing in the snow. I looked up to feel them on my face, and the sight struck me as surreal.

I was as excited as a kid, because at forty-six years old, I was experiencing my first snowfall. This was in late autumn of 2013, out by Alder Creek in Garden Valley, where winter’s show was being preceded by fall colors. I had stopped the car because two elk were in the middle of the road.

It wasn’t long after this experience that the challenges of driving in winter conditions led to trouble.

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Francisco Lozano

About Francisco Lozano

Francisco Lozano moved to Garden Valley with his wife Donna in 2012. Born in El Salvador, he immigrated to Los Angeles in 1984. A former pastry chef, he also studied photojournalism at Los Angeles Community College, and says he is “loving Idaho’s outdoors and photographing it.” See his work at

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