Go with the Flow

A Dowseful Strategy

By Diana Hooley

Photos by Dale Hooley

My experiment began with a neighborly chat, the kind you have halfway out of your car, leaning on the top of the car door, arms crossed. I’d seen Bob messing around in his yard and thought I’d stop by and ask if he knew exactly where the geothermal springs ran through Indian Cove, our farming valley near the Bruneau Sand Dunes. Bob was an old-timer, so he might have an idea.

“Well, I reckon it runs down through the old Pancoast place, but there’s only one way to make sure.”

“Find a map?” I offered. “Talk to a geologist?”

“Witch for water.”

I smiled at Bob.  I knew the term water witching  but hadn’t heard anyone use it in a long time.  I wondered if he was serious. 

“You think I’m kidding, don’t you?” he chuckled. “You go home and think about it.”

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Diana Hooley

About Diana Hooley

Diana Hooley spent several years as a professor at Idaho State University before returning to journalism and freelance writing. She has written recently for the Idaho Statesman and the Twin Falls Times-News as a guest commentator on environmental and agricultural issues. Visit her at www.middleoftheriver.com

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