By Rosphine Coby

Illustration by Ann Hottinger
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As hours passed,
As days passed,
As weeks passed,
I sat by your side.
Sometimes with my head bowed down.
I felt no movement from your body.
As I took your hand in mine,
I gave you warmth.
When you shut your eyes,
I will open my eyes.
And face the stern day.
When your dreams fade,
I will dream your dreams for you, Grandma.
When you no longer can lift your fingers,
I will stretch my fingers across the arid soil,
And build a new path.
When you can no longer walk,
I will finish walking in our sacred path, Grandma.
When there is no movement from your lips,
I will share your laughter in my dreams, Grandma.
When there is no movement in your heart,
My heart will surge toward the north,
Toward the east,
Toward the south,
Toward the west.
Never beating alone,
Never alone.

About Rosphine Coby

Rosphine Coby lives in Fort Hall.

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