How Not To

A Procrastination Primer

By Les Tanner

Like so many people these days, quite a bit of my time is spent sitting here at the computer. The computer sits on a desk. Also sitting on the desk are various things that go along with sitting at a desk for several hours. My cell phone, some writing instruments, tape, a half-empty (half-full?) water glass, and so on. You know what I mean.

Before I begin with the computer business, I need to clear off some of the debris. And that’s where my whole calendar-building effort begins to collapse.

You see, one of my contributions to IDAHO magazine is to gather information about events scheduled to take place during a given month. This is done two months in advance, for purposes of editing and so on. For example, at about the same time as this writing, I’m also looking for things to put in the calendar of the magazine’s April issue.

This is not one of the world’s most exciting jobs, but it needs to be done. And from start to finish, it usually takes me about three weeks to round up the 120 or so events that make up the calendar.

The problem is there are other things I allow to get in the way.

Take this afternoon’s efforts, for example.

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