Keeper of the Eternal Bookstore

By Harald Wyndham

Photos by John Lowry

On a Thursday afternoon in mid-winter, a snowstorm drives flakes horizontally past the windows of Walrus & Carpenter Books in Pocatello.

I sit snug by a small gas stove, my feet stretched toward the heat, having a cup of coffee and a conversation with the owner, Will Peterson, a casually dressed, lanky bohemian with a shock of unmanageable black hair and a grin that puts one at ease and in the mood to talk. And talking about ideas, life, philosophy, writers famous, infamous, and unknown, small-town intrigue, the future of mankind, and the contents of the volumes that crowd the shelves of his Dickensian bookstore is precisely what Will enjoys more than anything, except perhaps writing a novel about it.

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Harald Wyndham

About Harald Wyndham

Harald Wyndham is the owner of Blue Scarab Press, which has published more than twenty-four titles by southeast Idaho and regional writers since 1984. The most recent publication is Leslie Ann Leek’s second collection of short stories, Unsettled Territory, November 2012.

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