Married to a Legacy

The Challenges of Adjusting to Five Generations of Woodsmen

By Ashley Brown
Photos Courtesy of the Brown Family

I married into a five-generation logging family. I’ve always thought this to be impressive, and it makes me proud, even though I’m sometimes bewildered at how the family has stayed so close-knit throughout the generations.

Jake and I married in 2007, after dating for nearly two years. During that time, I learned only a fraction of what it takes to keep a logging business going steady, even while trying to balance the constantly shifting demands of family time and work. I’m still learning, although at a much more relaxed pace than in the early days. I have come to appreciate what has been passed down in the family business: hard work, long hours in the woods, a few more hours at the shop on Saturdays, and the razzing from a brother-in-law who has, well, no filter.

As we head into February, I become anxious about the layoff season for the guys, who include my father-in-law, Tim, his brother John, and Tim’s sons, Matt, Luke, and Jake. I’m getting extremely anxious to spend more time with my husband, Jake, and I know our two boys, Wyatt, three, and Blake, two, feel the same way. The busyness of those little boys is one of the reasons I look forward to Jake being closer to home during winter and spring. They are busy like their father, their uncles, their great-uncle, and grandfather. This busy life of the men, away from home nine months of the year, stretches back decades, to a time when logging was quite a bit different than it is today.

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Ashley Brown

About Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown is an Idaho native who holds an English degree from Boise State University. She and her husband, Jake, live in Emmett with their two sons, Wyatt and Blake. Aside from chasing the two- and three-year-olds, she pursues her passion for freelance writing. She enjoys hunting, fly-fishing, yoga and spa days, but most of all, loves spending time with her family.

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