Pushy Parakeets

Wild in the Yard

Story and Photos by Joseph Zahnle

My wife Barbara loves feeding the birds in our yard but whether I’m right or wrong, I wouldn’t do it. I believe they can pretty much take care of themselves, just as they always have. One day, when we were at the dining room table in Caldwell and my back was to the window, Barbara said, “Look at that green parakeet.” This was a surprising statement and as I stood to turn around and get a good look, I said, “Where?” She said, “Under the feeder.” But they were gone.

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Joseph Zahnle

About Joseph Zahnle

Joseph Zahnle is a retired ironworker whose childhood interest in photography has turned into a more serious goal. A hobby photographer since age ten, Joseph says by now, “There isn’t too much I haven’t photographed, and people enjoy my style.”

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