Too Much Fishing

By Rachel Moore

Thoughts of 2020 bring up the pandemic, masks, and the world in chaos but for our family, that year also provided something quite different. My partner Michael and I followed the rules by keeping away from other people as much as possible, but that didn’t meant we couldn’t go fishing on the Snake River near American Falls, in hopes of hooking some catfish.

Both of us have fished for most of our lives. I used to go fishing with my dad and Grandma Moore, while Michael has the knowledge and the gear when it comes to catching big fish. We were excited to try a new location on a dock at the river, where we launched our lines, set the poles, and waited…and waited. It was a hot, sunny day in June, no wind, and the river was calm. We set out our snacks, drinks, and a speaker to listen to music.

At last, Michael got the first bite. As he reeled in the fish, we thought at first it was a nice sixteen-inch trout. But when it got closer to the dock, he identified it as a very young, white sturgeon.

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Rachel Moore

About Rachel Moore

Rachel Moore met her partner, Michael Creger, Jr., through his sister Montana, who has been Rachel’s dear friend for years. Rachel and Michael have many things in common, most of them concerning the outdoors and wildlife. When the two aren’t exploring and taking pictures of deer, they’re fishing for sturgeon or spending time with family. Together they create memories in southeastern Idaho with her two boys, Noah and Hudson.

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