The Cat’s Opinion

Point Taken, and Taken, and . . .

Story and Photo by Janice Abel

The austere concrete block building sheltered a crush of inhabitants, all desperately longing for love. The Kootenai Humane Society in Hayden was more than happy to hook us up with the companion of our dreams, and at a very reasonable price.

Pictures of cuddly, people-pleasing pets littered every free surface. The illustrated creatures were sure to bring joy, without the messy conflicts found in so many human interactions.

Or so we thought.

We had our eyes on a white kitten with large black spots splashed across his fur. The little guy appeared to be your basic not too fancy, not too fussy, garden-variety kind of cat who would be willing to eat common mice without complaining about the lack of presentation. This was obviously the perfect kitten for us.

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